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Store Policies

We offer a limited 6 month warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials for most of our products and accessories. The warranty will be considered void if the product has been tampered with in any way, has been used with parts other than those sold and supplied by Gorilla Vapes, is damaged through improper use, normal wear and tear, acts of God, negligence and/or abuse.

Warranty Limitations 

All of our electronic products are covered under our 6 month limited warranty with the following limitations: 

Atomizers and Cartomizers: Due to the normal usage and limited life expectancy of atomizers and cartomizers, we offer no warranty on these items. 

Batteries, Chargers, and Charging Packs: Our limited warranty covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product and does not cover any other problems, including those that arise as a result of: (1) improper maintenance or modification; (2) parts or supplies not provided or supported by Gorilla Vapes; (3) operation outside the product’s specifications; or (4) unauthorized modification or misuse. BATTERY FAILURE DUE TO FLOODING IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR WARRANTY. 

Liquids, Accessories, and Swag: Liquids, T-shirts, hats, and other accessories and "swag" are not covered under our warranty and are provided as-is. 

Items lost in transit: Once an item is shipped and a tracking number is provided, Gorilla Vapes shall not be responsible for receipt of your package. 

Products that are discontinued or no longer carried:
 Any product that may be discontinued or no longer supported through our line of product offerings will cease to be covered under our warranty replacement policy effective the time of discontinuance. 

AGO Kits: Only the batteries are covered, not the top parts. 

Due to the fact that our product is a consumable and can not be repackaged or resold like most other electronic devices, we do not offer a full money back guarantee. 

However, customer satisfaction is our top priority and to further ensure that you are satisfied with your product, we do offer a limited warranty against any and all manufacturing defects as stipulated above under the warranty section. If you feel that you have received a defective item and would like to initiate a return under the terms of our warranty plan, you will first be required to email us. 

If after receiving your email and the item has been deemed eligible for replacement under our warranty program, our customer service team will send you a printable prepaid return postage. An original receipt must also be completed and returned with your defective item. Upon receipt of the defective item, our team will inspect and test the item to ensure it falls under our warranty replacement guidelines, will communicate the status of inspection, and will initiate the replacement of the item. 

We reserve the right to refuse replacement if we find that the item does not meet the guidelines of our warranty replacement program as outlined above. If an item is refused replacement it will be returned to you along with an explanation as to why the item was refused. All refused items and/or approved replacements will be given a tracking number which will be communicated through email.